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Thank you to everyone who came to our DevLearn 2018 session! We were inspired by your attendance, your thoughtful questions, and the solutions you shared with us and each other.

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Questions People Asked Us Later

  • My audience is 100% one race or one gender. Should I make my elearning representative anyway, or not bother?  We’re for “authentic+” representation. If you know the demographic breakdown of your audience, push the envelope toward a little more diversity. Remember, most organizations are aspiring toward greater diversity (even if they don’t know how to get there), and this is one way to help.
  • What if there really are no good purchasable images to represent my audience? You always have the option of creating your own images and illustrations, although you might be limited by time and budget. Even smartphone photos can make a huge impression; authenticity is a powerful communicator and it doesn’t require high production values (although there’s nothing wrong with brushing up on your smartphone photography skills a bit, either). Once someone at a high enough level notices your work, you’ll start getting the budget for custom shoots. And remember, you also have the option of illustrations, whether they’re sketched on paper or built on computer.

For example, we were inspired by this DemoFest entry from Sauntura Jones and Lisa Kolkman, who have clearly been working hard on representation on their own. We hope we’ll be able to post more screenshots soon!

More Examples

Got a great example of representation being done well? Email us at wwwwelearning at gmail dot com and we’ll share it here!